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Since the inpatient treatment centers in Louisiana were introduced, they have been met with mixed reactions. Many people believe that for one to undergo successful treatment, they must be supplied with drugs to counter the addiction to their drug of choice. The truth is that taking these prescribed drugs is a contradiction in itself in that they can help a person overcome their addiction problems as well as they may cause an addiction if their consumption is not controlled.

Initially, an inpatient treatment center in Louisiana consisted of a branch in the local psychiatric hospitals or asylums. Many of the addicts could not afford to be taken to such centers and they were mainly kept in barns and cages. The situation improved with the advent of the Christian drug abuse rehab centers as well as the Narconon program in 1958. Of late however, substance abuse and addiction is being treated just like any other disease with focus on the symptoms to alleviate the problem.

Inpatient Treatment Center In Louisiana

An inpatient treatment center in Louisiana now has been created with the help of experienced psychiatrists. They aim at friendly personal consultation with the addicts rather than reprimanding the addicts. The program at the centers uses the best in technological advancement to come up with a comprehensive treatment plan for the patients who enroll at the programs. The inpatient treatment centers in Louisiana have helped more people from suffering through an addiction to any drug.

An inpatient treatment center in Louisiana will provide constant care to the individual because it is widely known that without proper care most patients of drug addiction would relapse. At these centers, the patients are engaged in various therapy sessions. Apart from these sessions, the patients are also given various tasks which they must perform. The tasks may include painting classes or instrument classes help to keep the addicts’ minds off their drug of choice. These programs are very uplifting and when a person leaves the facility they leave more confident, happy and healthy.

One such inpatient treatment center in Louisiana is the Baton Rouge drug center. This center is located in Baton Rouge but provides services to not only residents of the county but of the greater area of Louisiana. The center mainly focuses on mental health and substance abuse. The services offered are inpatient treatment but on a short term basis. Special programs that are offered by the center are for people who have concurring mental and substance abuse problems.

The center which was started more than a decade ago has provided quality services for many residents of Louisiana at very affordable rates. The payment method for services offered at an inpatient treatment center in Louisiana is self-payment. Payment assistance is also offered for patients who have financial problems.

Assistance is offered on a sliding scale according to the income of the patient and other factors. People who have very low incomes are given more assistance than people with a higher income base. The center also provides quality services and ensures that the privacy of the patient is maintained.

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