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Kentucky is one of America’s most historical states having produced many of America’s legends including Daniel Boone and the legendary Kentucky derby as well as many thoroughbred horse breeds. The state is also famous for its fertile soils which are conducive for the growth of blue grass, which is a fodder crop originally from Europe. The fertile soils are however also used for the growth of drugs like marijuana and the Kentucky stills.

The vast area of Kentucky has made it almost impossible for state troopers to arrest the growers and contain the drug addiction problem. This has made the state one of the hardest hit by the drug abuse menace. Kentucky is ranked in the top ten states in the production, use and dependency rates on drugs including prescription drugs. Addiction to prescription drugs has especially been prevalent in the state with an increase in the number of new addictions by over 1250% since the beginning of this century.

Inpatient Treatment Center In Kentucky

The number of deaths that relate to drug abuse is estimated at 17 for every 100,000 people and this one of the highest statistics for drug related deaths in most states. The many inpatient treatment centers in Kentucky have tried to control the situation by mushrooming in many towns and cities across the state. The drug abuse problem is unfortunately still prevalent. This is because of an increase in the number of meth labs in the state.

The state has banned the production of cold tablets that contain the ingredient pseudoephedrine which is the main ingredient in meth tablets. The state has also seen an influx in the number of illegal drugs. This has further compounded the drug addiction problem. Among the youth, especially high school students, nearly 50% of them admit that they have used marijuana in their lifetime.

This is a precursor to other serious hard drugs since most of the people admitted into an inpatient treatment center in Kentucky admitted to starting out with the abuse of marijuana before graduating to other drugs. Kentucky is also a major drug production zone; the production of drugs in the state is 3 times higher than the consumption. This means that there is an abundance of drugs for all. The drugs are also shipped to neighboring states including Ohio.

In 2007, the number of people who needed the services of an inpatient treatment center in Kentucky stood at 287,000 just shy of 300000 people. The number of people who sought treatment was however at a very low standing at around 24,100. The number of people who get admitted into an inpatient treatment center in Kentucky is far less than the number of people who engage the services of outpatient drug abuse treatment centers.

This is because the capacity of residential treatment is lower than the number of people who may require the services. An inpatient center in Kentucky for drug treatment provides 24/7 care for the patient. The patient is kept in a calm environment where they can sit and meditate and find solutions for their addiction problems.

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